Chasing Toman in Malaysia

Commonly known as giant snakehead, toman are fairly big freshwater predators second to none in terms of voracity and aggressiveness. Despite the size that rarely goes beyond 7kg, they can unleash an unbelievable stamina during the fight, and their strike is unmistakable, as their powerful and toothy jaws grab the lure. And yes, they love topwater lures such as stickbaits, propellers, frogs and the like.
The spots they can usually be found are quite interesting too, ranging from very shallow and narrow canals to ponds and lakes surrounded by the tropical forest of South East Asia. Hop on one of the local wooden boats and let the guide take you through the wild jungle.
This time we flew over to Malaysia to explore a fishing reservoir that had been closed for years and that should be home to some monster toman that have been hunting and growing unchallenged for some time now.