The King of Kings

Saltwater fishing is just another league if you’ve flicked lures in freshwater rivers and lakes for the big chunk of your angling experience. The beauty of fishing your home waters chasing down pike and trout is truly addicting, and its fascination can remain unchanged over the years, as you go back to the spots where […]

Walking the Dog for Barramundi

We flew down to Mackay to shoot a profile angler video starring our pro-staff Mick Hassett, who has been landing an incredible amount of different species around his hometown in Australia. When I asked him what kind of fish he would feature in the video he had no doubt: barramundi.So we packed everything and flew […]

A Chopper to Salmonids’ Heaven

Kamchatka is one of those places that linger halfway between legend and reality, being so far off the Western world, confined in an extremely wild peninsula at the far Eastern edge of Siberia. Local small communities are clustered in a handful of tiny towns facing the sea on the Southern border, whereas the rest is […]

Castaway into a mysterious Jungle

Nestled in a fairly remote and undoubtedly overlooked area in South East Asia, West Papua is one of the poorest yet most fascinating provinces of Indonesia, located in the Western edge of New Guinea island. It is home to the world’s probably most beautiful and richest marine biodiversity and it is covered in a luxuriant […]

Chasing Toman in Malaysia

Commonly known as giant snakehead, toman are fairly big freshwater predators second to none in terms of voracity and aggressiveness. Despite the size that rarely goes beyond 7kg, they can unleash an unbelievable stamina during the fight, and their strike is unmistakable, as their powerful and toothy jaws grab the lure. And yes, they love […]

A Pike Fishing Heaven on the Great Slave Lake

In the Northern part of Canada there is one of the largest freshwater lakes on Earth. It is very North, like one-week-no-darkness kind of North in summer. Very few people manage to dwell in this area, whose closest connection to the civilised world is a little airport in Yellowknife. Temperatures can reach -40°C in winter […]