Abram “Tarzan” Miller

NATIONALITY: Melbourne beach, FL

FISHING TECHNIQUE: Surf casting, Jigging, Live Bait, & Swimbaits

Abram "Tarzan" Miller with a Golden Tile fish

Let’s go to the Jungle! Abram “Tarzan” Miller is just 13 years old yet a fisherman that loves all bodies of water. He specializes in inshore fishing on his 20’ East Cape Vantage and land based surf casting.

When not on his boat, biking is the next best thing to get to where the fish are! At such a young age, Tarzan continually educates himself from some of the best captains and fishermen around so that he can feel confident in any scenario. Bottom fishing and deep dropping are two of his favorite offshore fishing techniques! With a love to travel to different fisheries, when an opportunity comes up, he will be there.

With several tournament wins from surf fishing to inshore, he’s quickly making a big name for himself in the industry. Even though he has a love for fishing, it doesn’t surpass his passion for bringing smiles to others in need. Tarzan spends a significant amount of his time on a committee in his town supporting kids with cancer. “There are a lot of days I ride my bike to the pier to fish but end up only catching bait so others can fish. I love it!” Tarzan can teach us all a lesson with this one line, “Go make someone smile today!”