Hans the Carver


FISHING TECHNIQUE: Live Bait, Jerkbaits and Crankbaits

Hans the Carver with the largest Musky caught in Lake Erie
Hans Mann aka “Hans the Carver” due to the carved musky baits and carved fish replicas is the owner of Buffalo Harbor Outfitters and Hans the Carver baits and replicas and one of the founders of Red October Baits.
Hans has fished the Great lakes his whole life, focusing on the East end of Lake Erie, the Niagara River, the west end of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. His skilset is broad yet very dialed in allowing him to target the largest musky and smallmouth in the world while also going after huge walleye, big lakers, steelhead, browns, king salmon, perch, and more!
“The BKK spears are now on all of my musky crankbaits. Very strong and sticky sharp.  When handling a lure with the spears you can feel that they are going to grab onto and sink into whatever they touch.”  Confidence is key and Hans values a hook that will give him a solid hookup every time. “for a true multispecies angler….the all-rounder hook is so versatile as a bait hook or as a dropshot hook. They hook up great without needing to snell.  Minnows, eggs, or small soft plastics these hooks are versatile and usable in any situation.”