Sami Ghandour


FISHING TECHNIQUE: Popping, Casting, Jigging

Saltwater Jigging and Popping

From an early age Sami fell in love with the sea and was lucky to spend most of his teenage time diving and chasing fish. This passion grew and he found himself traveling the globe in search of the biggest and hardest fish to catch.

Sami was fortunate to fish places that only a few had ever set foot. While he cherishes and highly values this opportunity, he always tends to make an extra step to push limits to test tackle and take it to the extreme.

“Joining the BKK team as a pro staff – he says –  gave me a direct leverage to be in touch with the company on a daily basis in order to bring the best to our clients.”

He is mainly active on the coast of New Jersey where he manages one of the most specialised retail points for saltwater fishing – Saltywater Tackle – and organizes awesome fishing trips to some of the world’s best and most untouched areas.