Capt. Tyler Nonn


Tidewater Charters is owned and operated by Captain Tyler Nonn. Since establishing the company in 2009, Tyler’s guide services specialize in Chesapeake Bay Fly Fishing and Chesapeake Bay Light Tackle fishing for striped bass, redfish, and cobia in the Chesapeake Bay.

Tyler’s philosophy as a guide is to move with the fish – from February to April Tidewater Charters skip out on the cold waters of the East and bases guided trips out of the Florida Keys. Most time is spent around Big Pine Key targeting sailfish, blackfin tuna, cobia, tarpon, kingfish and more.

Tyler has religiously been using the BKK Hybrid Heavy Circle-SS when targeting Stripers, landing some of the largest in the Bay! Checkout Tidewater Charters social media and give them a call for the ultimate light tackle experience!