Oliver Ngy


FISHING TECHNIQUE: Crankbaits, Swimbaits, & soft plastics

Oliver Ngy is a self-taught angler from Southern California. He learned the values of commitment and dedication at an early age, and has since become a familiar face in the bass scene. He’s renowned for catching monster fish of many species with a specialty in double-digit largemouth and 5-plus-pound smallmouth bass.
He has built one of the strongest groups of freshwater fishermen with Big Bass Dreams, and shares their epic stories on the water. When it comes to the California fishery, Oliver has tackled it all from largemouth to offshore tuna, and provides amazing insight into how he does it. He has been using BKK hooks for many years and loves the Spear EWG-71 SS hooks which give him the highest hookup ratio on many of his hardbaits. He has since expanded beyond the west coast and travels throughout North America and internationally utilizing BKK products throughout his pursuits.
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